What is Scope?

Scope is a fan engagement platform that uses blockchain to bring fans and athletes closer together. Scope sells officially licensed player NFTs for individual athletes that give access to exclusive fan clubs. In these clubs, athletes can share exclusive content and unique experiences.

How does it work?

Scope offers two marketplaces, a Pro Shop, where athletes sell directly to users and keep 85% of the revenue generated, and a marketplace, for users to transact amongst each other. When creating an account on Scope, the platform will automatically generate a fully integrated wallet where users will store their in-game tokens and NFTs. Users can then trade different kinds of cards to gain access to different fan clubs, where athletes will be posting different kinds of content and experiences.

Why should I join Scope?

  • Athletes: Scope provides a new and more efficient way to monetize your fan engagement. Card prices are directly correlated to the quality of the fan club which is essentially up to you (better quality content/experiences will drive prices up). You get to keep a percentage of all transactions, directly correlating your engagement with your fans to revenues.
  • Users: Selling exclusive content is certainly nothing new; however, the way Scope does it is. By selling NFTs that grant access to fan clubs rather than a classic subscription, Scope allows you to capitalize on good trades and eliminates the “sunk” cost of a subscription.