Pro Shop and Marketplace


Both marketplaces operate in a classic English auction style. It is up to the athlete or user selling to determine the base price and the time that the auction is live, then the market determines the price of cards. You are free to bid, buy and resell as many cards as you want for whatever prices you want, the marketplace is the place for you to try to find the coolest experiences and the highest quality content you can find at the best price.

What is the difference between Pro Shop and Marketplace?

The Pro Shop is the primary sale of all cards, whereas the Marketplace is all secondary sales. From the Pro Shop, athletes keep 85% of the revenue meaning when you purchase cards on the Pro Shop you are directly supporting your favorite athletes. On the marketplace, users transact with each other, keeping the majority of the profits for themselves. Athletes do get to keep a 5% perpetual royalty on all transactions of their cards.

NFT Supply

Scope limits NFT sales to 500 per athlete per year. This means in a given year a fan club can only grow by 500 people. However, there is certainly no limit on how many times these 500 cards get transacted with, so the 500 members of a certain Fan Club might be changing regularly as cards get traded. It is up to athletes when they want to sell their cards on the Pro Shop, but it will probably be in batches of 100 cards 5 times a year.