Fan Clubs

What is a Fan Club?

A fan club on Scope is an exclusive community capped at 500 members (500 NFTs) for a given athlete. In this community, an athlete can post different kinds of exclusive content found nowhere else (photos, videos, voice notes, polls, etc). Athletes can also post (or raffle) different kinds of experiences. These might be merch giveaways, Zoom Q&As, meet and greets, tickets to matches etc. In the Fan Club, there is also a chat function for members to communicate amongst each other and directly with the athlete.


There are many different types of experiences on Scope, some online and some IRL. Some are for the whole fan club to participate in (for example a giveaway of signed caps), and some are raffled to certain cardholders (two tickets to a match). Experiences are intended to be rewards to fan club members, but can also be traded on the marketplace for monetary gains.


Athletes can post any kinds of content they want on a Scope fan club (adhering to the terms and conditions and the community guidelines). These can include, but are not limited to, photos, videos, audio messages, live streams, polls, etc. The idea is to create an intimate relationship between an athlete and his/her 500 cardholders, rewarding both for being actively engaged in the community.


Within these fan clubs, there is a community chat. The chat is limited to the 500 cardholders and the athlete. Users and athletes can interact with this as much as they want. The function of the chat is to bring the community closer together with the athlete. Of course, the chat is subject to the terms and conditions and community guidelines and Scope reserves the right to delete any messages if they break these rules.