For Fans

Will I need to own crypto or a crypto wallet to use Scope?
No. Scope Tennis is designed to be 100% user friendly, even if you are not crypto-savvy! You just need to create an account by confirming your email, like you would on any other platform, and start trading. We will act as the custodians of your NFT player cards and will display them in your roster page for you to easily interact with. You can load tokens in USD or any other major FIAT currency.
If you ever do want to sell your NFT player cards on another marketplace or store them in your personal wallet, you are more than welcome to do so. The platform will have a function to link your wallet and become the custodians of your NFT player cards.
How do cash outs work? When will I get my earnings?
You will be able to cash out your tokens whenever you want on Scope. You will have to navigate your profile page and click on the “cash out” button. The platform will automatically convert however many tokens you have into USD (or whatever major currency you want) and will deposit the funds into your linked account in the next 24-48 hours.
How many cards will be sold on Scope?
Every Scope athlete can sell a maximum of 500 cards per year. This means fan clubs are capped at 500 people so owning a Scope card makes your experience truly unique, unlike other subscription models out there. If there are no cards of a certain athlete for sale at a particular point in time, no new members can join the club until a new card becomes available in the marketplace.
What is the Pro Shop?
The Pro Shop is where athletes sell their cards directly to you. It is the primary sale of all cards on Scope. Athletes keep 85% of the revenue generated from their cards in the Pro Shop, so when you purchase a card here, you are directly supporting that athlete’s career.
How does the marketplace work?
Both marketplaces (Pro Shop and Marketplace) operate in a classic English auction style. It is up to the athlete or user selling to determine the base price and the time that the auction is live, then the market determines the price of cards. You are free to bid, buy and resell as many cards as you want for whatever prices you want, the marketplace is the place for you to try to find the coolest experiences and the highest quality content you can find at the best price.

For Athletes

How do payouts work?
You will be paid out at the end of the quarter. We can accommodate any form of payout you prefer, just let us know and we’ll organize it.
What does the onboarding process look like?
If you are interested, send us an email at [email protected] and we will send you a quick proposal for you to sign. Once signed, we will schedule a quick onboarding call to get some details from you. From that point on, you are officially a Scope athlete.
How much money will I make?
You get to keep 85% of the revenue generated from your cards in the Pro Shop and a 5% royalty on all transactions on your cards. Since both marketplaces are an auction, it is really up to the market to determine the prices. However, the better the quality of the content and experiences in your fan club, the more your cards will be worth and the more money you will make.
What happens if I can’t be active all the time on Scope?
No problem at all. We have been athletes and know what it’s like. You are under no obligation to ever do anything on Scope. It just entails that the revenue you generate will be lower as your cards will not be worth a lot if there is little activity on your part. On the other hand, if you participate a lot, your cards will be worth more and you will make more money. How much money you make on Scope is totally up to you.
What sort of content/experiences should I be posting on Scope?
Again, it’s up to you. The more creative and better quality it is the higher your revenue from Scope will be. We will work with you one-on-one to accommodate any experience or content you may want to share with your fans.